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September 23, 2010
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Electra Reference Sheet by cerona Electra Reference Sheet by cerona

Reference sheet for my OC Electra

Name: Electra
Age: Unknown, appears to be quite young
Breed: No-one has been quite sure about her breed, but she appears to be an Andalusian x Arabian cross.
Colour: A pure cobalt black coat with faint blue-ish highlights. Minimal sabino patterns include two "bolt" shaped, one extending over the withers (including a part of the mane), the other over the croup. These can sometimes appear to be almost glowing during stormy weather, especially near lightning. She also has two half coronets on each hind leg. An irregular stripe shaped like a lightning strike cuts down her forehead and extends to the muzzle. The top part of the tail is covered in white hairs, and parts of the right side of the forelock are also frosted white. Hooves are the same dark colour as the rest of the body. Mane and tail are pure black also.
Eyes: Eyes are a midnight-blue colour.
Build: Her build is mostly a mixture between the strong, muscular Spanish and the graceful, elegant Arabian. Her face is quite small but refined and wedge-shaped, with a broad forehead, large round eyes and elegant ears. Her profile is slightly dished, with a slender shape and a small muzzle. Both mane and tail are long and thick, with a silky feel to the touch. The forelock is slightly wavy, although the rest of the hair is straight. Her gait is energetic and airy, full of bounce and elegance.
Personality: Not much is known about the background of Electra. To those who don't know her well (which is often the case) she appears to be very quiet and reserved, only speaking when spoken to or when it is of importance. She prefers to listen and observe rather than intervene, and her presence can sometimes make others feel uncomfortable. Her gaze can unsettle nervous individuals, and she can be quite cold-hearted and frosty at times. She hardly ever loses her temper (or nerves) but remains cool and steady throughout. Those who are fortunate enough to call themselves her "friends" will know that she is quite an amusing individual, often making sarcastic comments and witty remarks about almost anything and anyone. She is a very good listener, and can offer useful advice if she feels the need for it. Although she appears to be very young, she is mature and sober, and prefers to be left on her own. She has a great sense of hearing and sight, and almost as if she had a sixth sense, she can detect the slightest of movement and the faintest of noise. Agile as a feline, she moves stealthily and with ease.


    Tools: Photoshop CS2, Bamboo Tablet
    Time taken: 10 hours
    Layers: 10 for side view, 5 for head view
    Credit: Poses referenced from ~paula2206-photo, *Breathless-dk, Christiane Slawik and Mark J Barrett

Tutorial for black horses to follow shortly.

You are not authorised to use this image without my written permission. It may not be used for blogs or sim games, reposted and claimed as your own, or altered in any way. Please respect my wishes.

    Character and artwork © Malin Träisk

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